The Big Heist Slots

Real-Time Gaming is no stranger to a crime caper, which is why it is the proud game developer surrounding Big Heist, a throwback three-reel slot game. There's plenty of loot and fun to be had in this dynamite three-reel game.

Make The Biggest Score Of Your Life

The Big Heist has all the impact and intrigue of a Hollywood movie in a single pay line. Somewhat of an unusual move to have this for three-reel, but The Big Heist holds up against other five-reel games of the same drama.

The Big Heist cuts to the chase by having you drawn into the simple yet effective theme of breaking into the bank. Because there is only a single pay line in The Big Heist, there are no pay line arrows to consider or use. The Big Heist is a three coin game, so the amount of coins you officially wager, determines what you will ultimately win.

The Big Heist does offer you a series of credit buttons where you can quickly stake your bet for the maximum bet or a single credit. Using these buttons is easy to use and to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, the Big Heist's paytable is out for display, so there is no paytable button like in five-reel games.

We begin with the flawless robber tool. You might consider wagering the maximum here because the max bet sets the stage for the progressive jackpot should you hit three of a maximum wager. Next, we continue with the doughnuts. It is tasty to eat but more delicious with its coin values ranging from 100 to 300 coins, depending on how much you wager. The cup of coffee isn't too far behind the gaming value with up o 150 credits.

The remaining Big Heist icons include the bullets and the revolver. The revolver is your friend in The Big Heist because two and even one revolver yields wins.

The Big Heist Loves A Bonus Round Or Two

The Big Heist breathes new life in three-reel games by offering a bonus round. Typically, three-reel games don't offer extensive bonus rounds, but The Big Heist invites you to collect fifty safe dials. Of course, when this happens, you'd officially cracked the safe to receive additional bonuses to earn.

The Big Heist is comfortable waiting for you in the heart of Real-Time Gaming slots that host three-reels. In addition, the Big Heist works on home computers and mobile devices.