Cash Bandits 2 Slots

The first Cash Bandits sent the slot gaming world on its axis. Real-Time Gaming wasted no time developing the heart-pounding sequel. While making a sequel can be difficult, Real-Time Gaming took the best from the first Cash Bandits game and added more dangerous rewards into the mix. The result is the critically acclaimed Cash Bandits 2, the lucrative and more intense sequel that produced another sequel.

Why Cash Bandits 2 Stands Alone

As we mentioned earlier, many sequels fall flat or miss the mark because they are a rehash of their predecessor, but this is not the case with Cash Bandits 2. While the critical elements from the first game are present, the sequel amplifies them and gently introduces new wrinkles to keep this unique chase alive.

Cash Bandits 2's main center takes place outside the bank, compared to taking place inside the bank like the first game. The graphics and the animations are sharper and animated compared to the first installment. Again, there are twenty-five pay lines, and Cash Bandits 2 gives you supreme control on how to use them. The game's pay line arrows make this task simple, but you don't have to wager on the entire twenty-five pay lines. If you want to canvass the bank some more, by all means, wager on pay lines lesser than twenty-five.

The next step in Cash Bandits 2 is to determine the cash bet per spin. You can thank the coin value buttons for that. Cash Bandits 2 honors bets starting at a penny, but that can grow to ten cents through the coin value buttons.

Cash Bandits 2 lets you take charge of placing spins through the spin button and through the autoplay button. If you elect to place bets manually, this is a straightforward process, but the autoplay feature has the power to arrange scores of criminal-laden bets on your behalf. If you want to take charge of the crime-caper scenario, the options buttons give you this flexibility.

Unwrapping The Bandits' Paytable

Cash Bandits 2 takes no prisoners with the paytable, and the sequel features new goodies while hanging onto the essential characters from the first game. Cash Bandits 2 wild symbol is the official game logo itself. Not only does it double winning combinations, but it also boosts the winning chances up to 5,000 credits. The happy robber gets caught in the act as the sequel's scatter character. The robber isn't too shabby dishing out fifty credits.

The disgruntled officer makes his return and is so determined to catch the elite bank robber that he rewards you with 2,000 credits. The frightened lady makes her debut in the sequel, and she dishes out a frighteningly 1,500 credits. The bank is back along with the key, doughnuts, alarms, and stacks of cash. Cash Bandits 2 honors winning combinations when you get a trifecta of the same symbol on the pay lines.

Step Into The Bank Vault Zone

Cash Bandits 2 retains the legendary and elusive bank vault bonus round. While the first game featured four bank vaults, the sequel increases the gaming flow with five bank vaults with the keypad. The objective is to enter the correct code as quickly as possible to get your share of the 190 free spins. The winning multiplier this time stands at seventeen times. Cash Bandits 2 retains the progressive jackpot that hits randomly.

Cash Bandits 2 Is Ready For You

Where there is a Real-Time Gaming casino, chances are there is Cash Bandits 2 in the five-reel section. You might find a promotion at the site or through a no deposit feature to boost your winning chances.