Naughty or Nice III Slots

Naughty or Nice III Slots

Can't get enough of Santa's favorite helpers? Neither can Real-Time Gaming, the proud gaming developer behind the Naughty Or Nice slot game series. So, what could the third installment possibly have that's worth your while? Plenty, so let's discuss the power and charm of Naughty Or Nice 3.

A Brand New Gaming Experience

Naughty Or Nice 3 once more delivers thirty pay lines for your gaming pleasure. The theme maintains the sensual qualities from the first two titles, but this time, the action occurs in the middle of a soapy car wash. Santa Claus proudly takes a back seat for your winning pleasure, while the blonde and brunette helpers usurp the game action.

Your virtual car thanks you for allowing the Christmas tradition to divert from the snow to the bikini-clad ladies and soap. Take total mastery of the thirty pay lines through the pay lines arrows. Naughty Or Nice 3 sets the stage for a random number of pay lines to be wagered, or you can try your luck on a single pay line.

The next step in this quest is to settle the cash bets. The coin value buttons enter the equation. Naughty Or Nice 3 opens the floodgates for cash bets starting at ten cents, but that can increase dramatically through the coin buttons.

Naughty Or Nice 3 doesn't leave players hanging when it comes to the reels. Take charge of the gameplay by spinning the reels manually, or you can rely on the sophisticated autoplay feature. Naughty Or Nice 3's autoplay feature handles scores of bets. The game's options button tweaks the sensitive game settings like the reel speed to your liking.

Unwrap The Paytable

Naughty Or Nice 3 packs the Christmas spirit in one rewarding paytable. The blonde and the brunette are the Naughty Or Nice 3's wild symbols. The naughty girl serves as a grouped wild on the first and second reels, while the nice girl acts as grouped wilds on the fourth and fifth reels.

Naughty Or Nice 3 unfurls the ill-gotten but rewarding symbols. Santa Claus has never been more relaxed in his trunks, sipping on a drink. He is so happy that he rewards gaming efforts up to 500 credits, while the angry Mrs. Claus is fuming to the tune of 300 credits. The dog looks cute paying up to 250 credits, while the box with the note puts a smile on your face with 200 credits. Naughty Or Nice 3 also welcomes the game characters, the car wash sign, and the high-value playing card numbers.

Naughty Or Nice Delivers The Bonus Rounds

Whether you've been playing naughty or nice, you will play with seven free spins if you get three of the Naughty Or Nice 3 scatter symbols. Either one of the beautiful ladies doubles winning combinations in the free spins round.

If you choose the naughty girl, she can either cover the first reel or serve as a regular wild. If you choose the nice girl, she will either cover the fifth reel or the fourth and fifth reels. Naughty Or Nice 3 features a lucky feature. The lucky feature ensures that you walk away with some kind of winner with five to ten free spins.

Where To Get Into All The Naughty Action

Naughty Or Nice 3 is available at Real-Time Gaming hosted online casinos. This game serves both computers and the mobile platform.