Monster Mayhem Slots

Ordinarily, mayhem isn't good, but when it comes to Real-Time Gaming's Monster Mayhem, your fortunes are all revealed for the better. There is more than meets than the eye with this outstanding five-reel game, so let's jump into the exciting and rewarding details.

The Monsters Reach The Big City

Monster Mayhem takes the Godzilla and King Kong concept and takes it to newer heights. The monster aliens thrash the metropolis, which means gigantic wins and oodles of fun. We begin with a gothic, mass pandemonium theme that dominates the game from start to finish. Then, real-Time Gaming takes you into the heart of the chaos with twin monsters preparing to rip off a tall building. A Godzilla movie's elements are here in Monster Mayhem, including frightened people, police, and much more.

Monster Mayhem plays a more significant than life with fifty grizzly pay lines. How you use those pay lines is your business, so that we will begin with the power and the might of the pay line system. Step right into the holy carnage by gambling on the entire fifty pay lines, or you can watch the horror from a safe distance, taking baby steps to build up your courage by placing stakes on lesser pay lines. The power and the choice are yours.

Monster Mayhem allows you to flex your muscles by determining the coin value bet. Like most Real-Time Gaming slot titles, Monster Mayhem permits you to arrange bets from a penny to five dollars. The coin value buttons are there to assist you here. We pick up the exciting details with the autoplay button where you can sit back and watch the monsters tear everything down, or you can opt to use the manual play mode to handle your spins and win.

Ripping Through The Paytable

Monster Mayhem invites you to get busy with the fully-stacked paytable. Monster Mayhem is so epic that both the monsters serve as the wild symbols. Each one lands on the first and fifth reels, so you will have to make your bets count. These monsters also play a unique role in the smash feature, but we will get to that later.

The burning city is the game's scatter symbol, and it lends its gaming muscle in the bonus round. We also pick this up with the massive footprint that yields 2,500 credits. The frightened lady yells out 1,250 credits. The frightened policeman is too terrified to move to the tune of 500 credits. Finally, the chopper and the beat-up truck shell out 400 credits.

Bring On The Bonus Rounds

Monster Mayhem leads the way with heavy-duty bonus rounds. The smash round launches when the monsters land on the first and fifth reels. Here, the more you smash-up, the greater the amount you win to go along with your wins. The city ups the gaming fun with the standard free spins rounds that add additional coins and credits to your pocket.

You can get into all the exciting mayhem at online casinos that host and support the Real-Time Gaming platform.