Cash Bandits Slots

Ordinarily, the slot game hero goes against the forces of evil. Still, with Cash Bandits, the dedicated bank robber wins you over, and you'll find yourself rooting for him to pull off the impossible bank vault heist of the century.

Real-Time Gaming Creates Another Winning Franchise

A lot has transpired since the debut of the original Cash Bandits. Real-Time released two sequels, and both sequels are captivating and drawing in a new global audience. The original Cash Bandits continues to attract new players to the sensitive cat and mouse game going on between the Cash Bandit and the determined arm of the law.

Cash Bandits Is Unapologetic

Cash Bandits is a five-reel game with twenty-five pay lines that is upfront about celebrating the criminal. The game action occurs inside the bank, where the tantalizing bank vault is in plain view. If you are eager to go for broke, Cash Bandits gives you the option of gambling the entire twenty-five pay lines, or you can take a more moderate approach and cautiously stake out the bank by gambling on lesser pay lines. That's where the Cash Bandits pay lines come into play.

As you creep your way into the virtual bank, the next move is determining the cash bet. Cash Bandits provides cash buttons on the game screen that makes it easy to declare your cash bet. Cash Bandits honors bets from a penny to a quarter. In order to take complete control of this bandit experience, Cash Bandits gives the player the flexibility to arrange and control bets by themselves or rely on the autoplay feature to handle this function. This ultimate cat and mouse game lets the player tweak the game settings to suit the individual's needs through the options button.

Cash Bandits Casino Unloads The Paytable

Pressing the Cash Bandits paytable button opens a brand new world of possibilities. The first installment celebrates the bank vault by making it Cash Bandits' official wild symbol. The wild bank delivers endless possibilities starting by doubling winning combinations. If you have the fortune of getting five bank vaults on the pay line, you will receive 2,500 credits. The cops and robber badge launches you into the fantastic free spins round. We will discuss this Cash Bandits feature further in the article.

Cash Bandits doles out numerous high-value icons. The disgruntled cop would love nothing more than to capture the bank robber, dishes out up to 1,250 credits, while the bank comes through with 1,500 credits. The bank robber caught in the act delivers 800 credits. The police siren, cash stacks, and the doughnut help round out the rest of Cash Bandits' symbols.

Going For Broke In The Bonus Rounds

Cash Bandits re-invents the bonus round. We mentioned earlier that the trifecta of the badge puts you into the free spins round. Instead of launching you in a pre-determined free spins round, Cash Bandits lets you play it out for your deserved free spins. Cash Bandits introduces the legendary bank vault bonus round that spawned two sequels. The first bonus round presents you with four bank vaults and a keypad. The goal is to enter the correct codes to unlock the bank vaults in a timely fashion. Your success in this area leads up to 90 free spins with a twelve-times winning multiplier.

Cash Bandits caps everything off with the opportunity to haul in the progressive jackpot, which occurs randomly.

Where To Become A Bandit

Cash Bandits is widely available at online casinos that host the Real-Time Gaming engine. It is ready for mobile and desktop play.