Frog Fortunes Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots

Real-Time Gaming is known for pulling out a rabbit out of the hat on numerous occasions, but this time Real-Time Gaming pulls the frog out of the magical pond with Frog Fortunes Slots. Frog Fortune Slots delivers more than a leaping frog. It provides lucrative bonus rounds and a quaint gaming atmosphere. Let's hop together among the virtual ponds that Frog Fortunes Slots leaves before us.

The Power Of The Golden Frog

Frog Fortunes is a five-reel game with a unique 243 pay lines. Frog Fortunes augments the traditional five-reel linear format to introduce a honeycomb-shaped system, and the game icons are animated along with the reels. The advantage of the honeycomb system is that it involves a cluster system of winning, which is something that occurs a lot in Frog Fortunes.

All the essential game functions that you need to prevail are available on Frog Fortunes' screen. You can take charge of the pay lines through the pay line arrows. You can press your luck and gamble on the whole 243 pay lines, or you take a reserved approach and gamble on a random number of pay lines. Frog Fortunes invites you to declare your cash bet. This is handled through the coin value buttons. The coin buttons provide a wide range of cash bets starting from cents up to $75.

Who wouldn't want to watch the frog lead them to the promised land? That's okay. Frog Fortunes Slots offers the autoplay feature that takes a load of manual spins off your shoulders. The autoplay mode is sophisticated enough to play scores of bets. Frog Fortunes enables you to take charge of placing self-bets. There is an options button that helps you take the initiative in tweaking the intimate game settings.

Frog Fortunes Delivers The Paytable

Frog Fortunes abandons conventional five-reel slot logic by not having an official wild symbol. This is not an accident, nor does this mean you are going to be deprived of wins. The characters that are available in Frog Fortunes are the purple, red, green, and orange frog faces. It would help if you got as many of these to land on the reels as possible because this helps to trigger the vaulted cluster feature. The frog faces reward winning efforts from 150 to 40 credits. The other reliable game characters are the diamond, the emerald, the gem, and the rupee.

Frog Fortunes honors winning combinations when a trifecta of a like symbol lands on the reels, but when that happens, that triggers the cluster feature. The main advantage of the cluster feature is that it causes a chain reaction of subsequent wins. Please keep your eyes on the exploding symbol, for when it lands, it explodes in one of many blast patterns. The result of this is that random symbols land in their place.

When the blasting pattern subsides, the cascading feature commences. As long as winning symbols remain on the game screen, the cascading feature continues. During the cascading feature, the spin button is disabled.

Frog Fortunes Awaits

Frog Fortunes is available for play at online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming's slot brand. Frog Fortunes conforms seamlessly on mobile devices and home computers.