Football Frenzy Slots

While the Gold Cup only comes once every four years, Football Frenzy delivers all the drama and the excitement of soccer every day of the week. Real-Time Gaming proudly presents Football Frenzy, a five-reel powerhouse that brings soccer to your game screen.

Football Frenzy Lives Up To The Hype

Real-Time Gaming is the undisputed master of five-reel slot games. It has crafted other soccer-oriented titles, but none of them live up to the promise and the glory of Football Frenzy, a dynamic slot game with fifty pay lines. Football Frenzy takes the action directly onto the soccer field, where the match of a lifetime takes place.

Football Frenzy offers the player two choices to play the game. The first mode is the striker mode. If you select the striker mode, your win is tripled when you play the free spins round. If you choose the lucky feature, the free spins round is impacted by the lucky feature. We will talk in greater detail about Football Frenzy's spectacular features as we explore the wonders of Football Frenzy.

Football Frenzy gives you access to all the essential game functions to enter soccer lore. Again, this title comes with fifty pay lines, and thanks to the pay line arrows, you have precise control over the number you desire to wager. Step up to the plate, and take the kick of a lifetime by wagering on the whole fifty pay lines, or ease up to the big moment by placing stakes on a random number of pay lines.

Keep the crowd engaged by declaring your cash wager before the spin. That's where the coin buttons turn up and execute their brilliance. Football Frenzy lets the frenzy start from as low as a penny and increases it to a frenetic $250.

Besides those functions, Football Frenzy offers an autoplay feature should you decide to let the game take care of the spins. You can strap on the soccer shorts and shoes and place bets manually. Finally, the Football Frenzy options button delivers precise control on the intimate game settings.

The Frenzy Surrounding The Paytables

Football Frenzy opens up the entire soccer world through the paytable button. All the vital and iconic soccer instruments are available for a deluxe and winning championship match. The famed striker proudly represents Football Frenzy's wild symbol. Prepare for an epic goal when the striker lands on the first and fifth reels, for he serves as a grouped wild.

The manic football stadium serves as the scatter ambassador. We will talk more about the football stadium further in this fantastic article. Football Frenzy also provides the elusive soccer ball that honors winning kicks with 500 credits, and the goalie stands his ground for the same amount. Football Frenzy also offers the referee, the excited fan, the trophy, the ribbon, and the football items round out the fantastic and lucrative Football Frenzy's game characters.

This Game Heads Into Overtime

Football Frenzy sends the crowd into a frenzy with the dynamic free spins round. The more of the football stadium that lands on the reels, the greater the number of free spins you will enjoy. Three football stadiums deliver eight free spins, while the whole five stadiums will have you relish between fifty to one hundred free spins. During the free spins round, the wild striker serves as the grouped wild on the third reel for extra winning power. Yes. Players can play the penalty kick bonus round while playing the free spins round.

Football Frenzy sends the game and the crowd into the ultimate bonus round with the penalty kick feature. Here, you can win up to 900 times your bet through the elusive golden ball.