PayDirt! Slots

There is no more need to read the history books about the fabled age of the gold rush. Real-Time Gaming gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to not only experience the gold rush but to win while playing in it. Welcome to Pay Dirt, an animated five-reel game where striking gold equals a swell amount of credits for you.

Real-Time Gaming Steps Back Into History

Real-Time Gaming continues establishing itself as the jack of all trades with respect to slot games. This time, with Pay Dirt, it pays to be in tune with history with Pay Dirt, an animated five-reel game with twenty-five pay lines. The unequivocal theme to Pay Dirt is the legendary California Gold Rush, with the happy miner ready to make you a fortune.

Pay Dirt has all the features of a modern-day slot game, so there is no excuse for you not to shout, EUREKA! Take full control of the game's pay lines through the pay line arrows. You can wager on the whole thirty pay-lines, or you can sit back and wager on lesser pay line amounts. That's the power of pay line arrows.

Before you can hit Pay Dirt, you must settle on the precise cash bet. Pay Dirt covers this basis for you with the coin value buttons. If you are feeling ambitious, you can quickly place your stake for five dollars, or you can ease your way into this legendary pioneer affair by gambling a penny. Pay Dirt provides tremendous flexibility in gambling and establishing the pay lines and cash value.

It takes a lot of work and perseverance to keep your eye on the right mine while spinning the reels. This is why Pay Dirt gives you the autoplay feature, where you quickly arrange an extensive sequence of spins on your behalf. The game's autoplay feature is sophisticated to that degree, so that is no problem to arrange this for you. Pay Dirt extends the options button where you can take charge of the intimate game settings and details to suit your gaming needs.

Pick Your Ax Into The Paytable

Pay Dirt leaves nothing to the imagination with the paytable. Clicking it reveals the elusive golden nugget as the fabled wild symbol. The golden nugget lands on the second and fourth reels as a grouped wild for extra winning impact. The golden nugget winning multiplier is three times. The Pay Dirt sign is the promising scatter symbol. It sets you up beautifully in the bonus round during regular gameplay, which is something we will discuss momentarily, but it pays dividends during traditional gameplay.

The gold mine itself stands as a pillar of strength, paying up to 10,000 credits, while the miner takes charge with 2,500 credits. Pay Dirt shows love with the bandit's gaming icons, the dog with a golden nugget, the horse, and the crate full of dynamite. Pay Dirt recognizes wins when you get three of a like symbol on the reels.

Mine Your Way Into The Bonus Rounds

Pay Dirt delivers extra gold with a bonus pick feature. The trifecta of the Pay Dirt sign gives you three mines to choose from. The gold rush feature starts you off with twelve free spins with grouped golden nuggets. The gold fever bonus round commences with five free spins with the third-reel consisting of the wild golden nuggets. If you select the strike it lucky round, you are given five mines to choose from. The mine you choose rewards you with a bonus symbol that impacts the ten free spins you'll play. It is possible to trigger this free spins round.