It's Good to be Bad Slots

It's Good To Be Bad when it comes to Real-Time Gaming. This slot game extraordinaire leads the charge in modern-day five-reel slot games, but it continues turning to its roots with It's Good To Be Bad, a dynamite three-reel game.

The Zenith Between Good Versus Evil Happens Here

While it is not a revelation, the light versus the dark, It's Good To Be Bad, puts in a three-reel context. The flow and the direction of this game are between the devil and the angel. Real-Time Gaming keeps things simple with the game design. Most like three-reel titles, It's Good To Be Bad has all the features on the game board. However, the devil with the pitchfork hangs out in the view as well.

It's Good To Be Bad only contains a single pay line, so there is no need for pay line arrows like five-reel titles. You do have more options to place your cash bet. It's Good To Be Bad centers on the good here by serving as a three-coin game, so the amount you stake determines what you will actually win.

It's Good To Be Bad provides you with the requisite single credit button, two credits, and the maximum credit button if you want to go for the gusto on the spin. It's Good To Be Bad doesn't contain an autoplay feature, so all bets come from you, the player.

It's Good To Be Bad keeps things ultra-simple with all the game symbols on the paytable for you to see. We start with the sensational red sevens that will put you on cloud nine. The red sevens produce winning credits from 200 to 600 credits. The standard triple bars, double bars, and the single bars yield their impact. You can win with any combination of them on the reels. The cherry indeed lands frequently, with a single cherry providing a blank credit.

Are The Bonus Rounds Any Good?

It's Good To Be Bad follows the path of traditional three-reel games by not offering additional bonus rounds. If you staked your claim with three coins and hauled in three sevens, the game's principal amount finds its way to you. Every time you lose a spin, it is added to the loss meter. When the loss meter is complete, or after four losing spins, you can cash in those chips for one free spins to get you back on the winning track.