Miami Jackpots Slots

When you thought things couldn't get any hotter in Miami, Real-Time Gaming shocks the show with the release of Miami Jackpots, a visually engaging slot that serves as a homage to the party scene from the 1980s. If you were a die-hard fan of the legendary television show Miami Vice, then Real-Time Gaming's Miami Jackpot is the game for you to relive some memories and win too.

This Trip To Miami Is Always Available

Real-Time Gaming is totally unpredictable with the slot games it produces. It continues to have tremendous success with the retro genre, particularly that from the 1980s. Real-Time Gaming is the proud developer of Rave Riches and Dancing Wins, two rock star games from the 1980s that sizzle up the playing field for online casino members. Miami Jackpots not only replicates this success, but it takes the retro genre to new heights.

Miami Jackpots occurs on a smooth backdrop with the picturesque Miami beach and palm trees in the background. Miami Jackpots features twenty-five stylish pay lines that are yours to control. Thanks to the pay line arrows, players quickly declare wagers on the whole twenty-five pay lines or a moderate amount of pay lines if the heat is too much. The next step in this scintillating music video comes to life is to declare your cash bet. Miami Jackpots simplifies this process with coin buttons at your disposal. The betting fiasco begins with only one cent.

Cant' keep your eyes off the bright landscape? Don't worry. Miami Jackpots doesn't mind if you openly stare, which is why it provides an autoplay feature to relieve you of the manual spins process. If you wish to spin the reels, you can quickly accomplish this through the manual spin process. The options button gives you supreme control of the game's mechanics, such as controlling the speed of the reels and ambient effects.

Cruise Through The Paytable

Miami Jackpots' paytable is everything a paytable should be. Real-Time Gaming really puts in a lot of effort to give you an authentic Miami Beach experience from the 1980s. Miami Jackpots' wild symbol is a rainbow-colored sunset, which is perfect for gracing the reels for double-winning combinations. This gorgeous and inspiring wild replaces the other game characters except for the official scatter.

Throughout your gaming journey, you will encounter many beautiful girls and a lovely lady wearing shades that land opportunistically on the Miami Jackpots reels. You will discover a swan outlined in neon that pays modest rewards. Miami Jackpots also add the high-value card numbers, aces through the number nines that accentuate the rock star 1980s decade. Also, don't forget about the boombox and the roller skates.

This Miami Has All The Vice You Need In The Bonus Round

Miami Jackpots carries over the proud Miami beach tradition in the bonus round. The bonus pick feature heats up the reels with a bountiful amount of free spins. The choice you select can yield up to twenty free spins with a five-times winning multiplier. Imagine the possibilities? The winning multipliers reach their apex in Miami Jackpots, for it is possible to haul in up to 2,000 times your bet. It seems the only thing that Miami Jackpots doesn't have is a progressive jackpot.

The Final Details About Miami Jackpots

Miami Jackpots is a brand new game by the slot titan, Real-Time Gaming. Depending on which online casino you are a member of, it might be available, or it might be pending release. Miami Jackpots works beautifully to give you all those 1980s memories on your mobile device or your computer.